Twenty years ago, Acsauvel gave its very first Theater presentation, the Four Seasons of Vivaldi, at the UNESCO. Since then, Acsauvel’s students and adults have presented many Theater plays.

Our Acsauvelians now perform every year; these performances are attended by the public and by around 6,000 Lebanese school students, yearly. We have been fortunate by the wonderful participation of Mr. George Khabbaz on stage with our children and by the skillful direction of Dr. Rabih Freiha.

These plays enable us to showcase our students, their humanity, to the Lebanese society, a first step towards inclusion. The stories of our plays are educational, the stage decorations and costumes are vibrant, and the acting of our Acsauvelians is simply fabulous and deeply inspiring.

Darb Al Harir

Lamma Ta3refni Aktar


Theater for People with Special Needs

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Theater testimonial

Theater testimonial

Theater testimonial