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ACSAUVEL - The Child's City

Civil Association for the Safeguard of the Child in Lebanon
– One House for all Generations –

The situation in Lebanon is very difficult. Acsauvel has been able to remain open and to keep our children in education. But it is increasingly difficult to keep up. I would be very happy if you could help me to spread the word about our new fundraising campaign and/or make a donation.
It means the world to our children, their families and to our teachers and therapists.

C.A.R.I.S. & C.A.T

We offer an educational program and therapeutic support that fosters the development of intellectual, social, psychological, and physical capacities.


New center for children from 3-6 years of age. We focus on children with speech delays, stuttering, development delays, chronic diseases, and mild autism.

Learning Difficulty Center

Our focus is on children with a Special Educational Need and Difficulty (SEND): learning difficulties, behavioral problems, and developmental delays.


The psychologist helps students deal with their difficulties and tries to reduce their suffering through individual counseling, family support & close collaboration with the pedagogical team.

Speech Therapist

Speech therapy is a health-related profession that deals with verbal,
nonverbal and other communication difficulties pertaining to children and adults.

Interactive Technology Sensory Center

An interactive room, a 3D theater, a library and a computer room for the stimulation of all senses, recreation, and technology-supported education.


ACSAUVEL, civil association for the safeguard of the human being in Lebanon, is a non-profit, humanitarian association that is recognized by the Lebanese Government under N. 127 dated 19/10/1979.

The primary goal of our association is to develop the autonomy and social integration of every person that attends our center without any racial, political, or religious discrimination. Our association is currently in charge of 78 mentally challenged children and adults. We offer them specialized education until they attain the age of 18 years, and at that stage, they move on to our workshops section to learn skills at a professional level. Their main activities are pottery, wicker workshop, sewing, cooking, and mosaic.

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